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Massage Therapy and Water Retention

October 12th, 2012 • Posted by Ann Marie Tipton • Permalink

Greetings Readers!

As stated in our last blog from Select Massage, massage therapy offers several health and wellness benefits. Some of these benefits can be experienced immediately during the session, and other benefits arrive over time after a few sessions. One interesting benefit I have discovered through research and personal experience is the decrease in water retention through therapeutic massage!

Water retention is usually a larger issue for women and within warm climates; however, most people retain water without realizing. Water retention can best be described as edema which is when your body is holding high amounts of fluid, resulting in bloating. Surprisingly, the main cause of water retention is from dehydration; therefore, people experiencing bloating should drink more water to prevent water retention.

The question you are probably asking yourself is, "How does getting a relaxing massage actually decrease water retention?" Massage is a way for your muscles to communicate with your nervous system. This communication consists of messages to the muscles, telling them to 'let go and relax.' While this is happening, your body's circulation increases and helps drain tissues of excess fluid accumulation. When speaking with your massage therapist, inform them if you are experiencing water retention and they will work with you and inform you to drink a couple of glasses of water after the session to help release the trapped fluids.

I hope this information has led to you making the right decision to book your next massage this weekend to experience deep relaxation and decrease water retention. CALL 866-977-7228

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Anonymous says:
October 31, 2012 at 5:07 AM
First of all, your sister needs to take a step back and btrheae! As a certified massage therapist (and state certified massage instructor) I can assure you that this is a legitimate career.I've worked in this field, happily, full time since 1999. Part of that time I carried my household financially (until I married a great guy in 2004). Living in Southern California, owning my own home, I can assure you, the money is there WITHOUT crossing any lines of professional behavior.If you have good training this career is easy on your body despite what someone else indicated. Body mechanics are the key to avoiding problems with your own body.Some of the benefits of this career include the ability to work for yourself if you prefer, set your own hours, and work only a few hours a day for excellent money.One of my recent students is 21 and has a 14 month old son. She completed her basic studies (including anatomy and physiology which are not really that hard) and she is just finishing up her intern hours now. She has a few elective courses to complete and then she'll be certified.She's already been offered more than one job whens he certifies including one starting at $55 an hour. Believe it or not, for private clients that's a little low.Yes, day spas, chiropractors, physical therapists and gyms give you the smallest cut of the pie (so to speak) but if you find good ones, they'll allow you to build a private clientele also which is where the real money and flexibility comes in.I work part time for 2 chiropractors one of them I come in 2 afternoons a week for only about 2 hours at a time. The other I'm only there one afternoon every other week because this is what has worked for me. We'll be trying something new in 2007 and I'll be there one morning a week for 4 hours.Those jobs are low paying' in the field I only make $30 an hour. I've worked at day spas for that price also, but currently don't have the time.My private appointments take up many evenings. I choose to take off Friday afternoon until Sunday morning as my weekend and I take Tuesday off usually. My private clientele pays anywhere from $70 $120 an hour depending on the location (my location or commuting to them) and depending on modality Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy etc.You work your hours around your child and child care situation. You are paid by private clients at the time of each session so there's a lot of cash flow in the business. Admittedly spas and the like usually pay twice a month.Many clients give tips even at spas and medical offices so again, it helps with the cash flow if money is tight. My 21 year old student uses her tips to pay for the gas to get where she's got to be (currently at the school clinic), so she's not usually out anything even tho each school requires their students to participate in a clinic for practical experience.I hope this information is helpful to you. Don't hestitate to contact me if you have more questions.
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