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New Year, New You!

December 22nd, 2012 • Posted by Ann Marie Tipton • Permalink

It's that time of year again... NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS! Everyone likes a fresh start and most people make New Year's resolutions in order to improve themselves whether it be improvement of the mind or body. My question is: Why not make one of your resolutions something that improves your mind AND body? Massage therapy reaps dozens of benefits for your body's muscles and circulation, as well as benefiting your peace of mind by relief of stress.

When making your list this year, do not just think about going to the gym consistently to lose weight, but also think about how your body could react to this change of lifestyle by pushing yourself mentally and physically at the gym. Massage is an excellent addition for anyone's workout regimen. When the body goes through new changes and muscles are being excercised that are not used to being worked out, those muscles become sore and swollen, no pain no gain, right? In order for those sore muscles to completely repair and continue improvement, the body needs lots of stretching and muscles need release of tension so that they can grow properly and improve one's metabolism. That is where massage therapy comes in! Not only are you treating yourself to a relaxing massage, but you are also helping yourself complete your personal goals with your body by giving them the proper treatment that they need to improve. Another reason massage therapy is a great resolution if you intend on starting an intense workout plan is because it can be a motivator for your commitment and determination at they gym. I used to always treat myself with a pedicure every two weeks if I stuck to my plan, but recently switched my motivating treat to massage therapy because of the benefits and improvement it makes on my own body.

At Select Massage, we have a wide variety of services to cater to our client's needs. Deep tissue can strongly benefit sore muscles by applying medium to hard pressure in order to get rid of tight knots inside muscles. Also, sports massage is an excellent choice for clients who need intense stretching after a long week at the gym. Whichever the client chooses, they will be guaranteed to feel relieved and relaxed after their appointments. When you think of the new year of 2013, consider adding monthly massage sessions to your list, you will thank yourself for your commitment later.

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Anonymous says:
January 15, 2013 at 4:37 AM
Massage Therapy can be a profitable career however it can take years to build a successful practice. You must really like people and be able to separate yourself from others emotions (like a nurse or a doctor). Working in a spa can afford you a steady income and benefits but not the same income as private practice. What you can charge for a massage varies greatly by town/city/state/region.It is a very strenuously job, and most people only stay in the field for 5-8 years due to burnout or injury.I would recommend that if you are interested that find out if any massage schools in your area hold discovery workshops in which you get a one-day crash course.I love my career and don't regret entering it at all, but I would recommend that you look into it seriously before you make the schooling commitment.
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