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    Employee wellness options

    Increase wellness and productivity, while reducing sick days and employee healthcare cost.

    Designed to recruit, engage and retain employees


    Provide service in the office, at home, online, or choose a hybrid model with partial to full employer subsidies.


    Select Massage will personalize a program and assign a dedicated account manager to ensure your success. Convenient.


    Simple web and app-based tools to easily coordinate and schedule employee wellness services.

    Employers love the benefits of Select Massage wellness programs

    Professional in-person services, easy and convenient. Employers who invest in an employee preventative health plan like chair massage, help to reduce work related repetitive strain injuries, reduce sick days due to stress and reduce employee healthcare costs as well as add positive energy and moral at the office. Recruit, Rejuvenate and Retain.

    Customize your employee wellness package

    Table massage

    Massage performed lying on a table for deeper relief and relaxation.

    Chair massage

    Seated massage focused on the back, neck, and shoulders.

    Beauty & Skincare

    Mani-pedis, Rejuvenating facials and other services for a healthy complexion to help you look and feel great.

    Employees love to enjoy the benefits of Select Massage wellness programs

    Employees feel valued when their employer care about their well-being both mind and body. Increase workplace morale and enjoyment of work. Improved team culture. Creating a happy, healthy work enviorment. Employees stay where they feel cared for.