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Select Massage is dedicated to bringing you the best in-home massage, beauty, and overall wellness services. With an array of options to choose from, Select Massage fits into any lifestyle.

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Select Massage provides spa-quality, on-demand massage, skincare, hair, and beauty treatments. Providers in the Select Massage community can tailor the experience to meet your personal preferences and goals.

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Stretch Therapy

Stretching helps release muscle tension and improves both flexibility and circulation, reducing soreness and extending the massage's beneficial effects.


A targeted treatment of high-quality, hemp-based CBD massage oils and lotions to soothe sore muscles. Move to the end after Aromatherapy

Hot stones

Deepen relaxation with the addition of hot stones to any massage. Provides soothing heat to specific areas to relieve pain and tension.



The use of essential oils when getting a massage. With an array of health benefits to help with problems from anexity to poor sleep.